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Continuing the tradition established in 1991, Combat Motors builds strikingly innovative and powerful functioning works of art.  We continue to strive to always exceed our client's expectations and our bespoke design process guarantees this level of personalization from start to finish. 

Combat Motors delivers a unique riding and ownership experience through an obsession for innovative design, engineering excellence, and dedication to the rider.



The New Wraith

Like it's P-51 Combat Fighter predecessor, the Combat Wraith is carved entirely from solid billet blocks of military-grade aluminum, resulting in the most robust, lightweight, fatigue-resistant motorcycle possible.

We are now accepting orders!

Combat Wraith - 1W.jpg
Bomber - 1W.jpg


The limited-production military-spec anodized Bomber is Fighter is an American performance street bike. 


Signature seat and forward controls sets this motorcycle apart from its predecessors.  


This unique piece will be like no other. 


The P-51 Fighter is our second generation of Fighter. 

CNC machined 6061 and 7075 aircraft-grade aluminum and carbon fiber create the unique lines of this race-inspired motorcycle featuring either the S&S 117 or 132 cubic inch X-Wedge engine. 


As with all of our motorcycles, the finish, leather, and engine performance of the P-51 can be custom-tailored to fit the riding style of its new owner.

P51 Fighter - 1W.jpg
F-117 Fighter - 1W.jpg

F-117 Fighter​

The F-117 Fighter is a limited production American performance street machine. 


Ergonomically designed to either be ridden aggressively or cruising the countryside enjoying the scenery.  This bike will attract a crowd everywhere you take her. 


Each F-117 Fighter is hand-built, custom-tailored to fit, with personalized and curated details and finish, making every motorcycle unique to its new owner.



Our design process is a bespoke application of innovative engineering philosophies to deliver a uniquely tailored riding experience to each new owner.

On-Demand Manufacturing​


We have a variety of manufacturing partners in the US who produce parts for each of our motorcycle models on-demand, from CNC manufacturing to hand-cut and sewn leathers, each new motorcycle is the product of thousands of man and machine hours of work. 

Hand Assembly


Each new motorcycle is hand-assembled and tested at our facility in Birmingham, Alabama by our techs with more than 15 years of experience at the company. 

These same techs are available to maintain your motorcycle periodically if you choose to return the bike to our facility for service. 



Each new motorcycle is personally delivered within the 48 continental United States by a Combat Motors team member. 

International delivery is either by sea or air freight through one of our shipping partners who will handle the logistics and regulatory compliance to move new and pre-own motorcycles from our facility to your home. 

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